House #2 – Rochester

by brandt

You will have to excuse the quality of the pictures.  These were taken on my phone during a quick walk-through of the house.  You can also click on any of the pictures to see them full sized.

This is house #2 on our home-buying search.  The first home we bid on was rejected by the bank.  This house is listed as a short sale for $159,000.

My first impression as we pulled up to the house was how big it looked.  As you can see, there were power lines visible through the back of the house, which (according to our Realtor) would play a factor not only in our bid, but in the resale value of the house.  However, when I looked back there, they were about 100-150 yards away, hardly impeding the quality of the house.

The house was…interesting.  It had been treated very roughly, and the people who lived there before had some interesting ideas as to how they wanted to decorate.  It looked like it hadn’t been maintained, as there were cobwebs, scratched paint, torn carpeting, and while it wasn’t disgusting, it was dirty.  As you walk in, there’s a 3×3 square on the floor of hardwood flooring.  Then, Pergo flooring went from the entry way throughout almost the entire main floor.  There really wasn’t a divider between this formal room and the dining room, which was something that Ashley said we would have to fix soon, but the flooring was the most important issue.

The problem with Pergo flooring is that it looks like hardwood, has the thickness of laminate, and feels like plastic.  I know the people who lived here were Korean (I found a Korean newspaper upstairs), which would explain the odd layout of the hardwood to Pergo transition.  Without too many details, they have a definite division from where you can wear shoes (hardwood entryway) to where you’re supposed to have shoes off (Pergo).  This is something we would take out immediately.

The library was next, which would be great for an office.  A nice window facing out the front with French doors is a very simple combination, but it reminds me a lot of how my home looked growing up.  Notice there’s carpeting in there, so we go from Hardwood to Pergo to Carpeting (it gets better).


You might be asking why half of the stuff in the house is moved out and why it’s half still there – the question is, we don’t know.  It looks like they’re in the process of moving out, but it looks like it’s empty and no one is living there.  If they’ve abandoned the house, we’ll take all their furniture and determine what we want to do with it.

We finally got a view of the carpeting.  It was stained, looked like it hadn’t been vacuumed in 4 months, and torn in places.  Plus, it was just ugly thick-shagged carpeting.

However, the one thing that was really great was the openness of the staircase leading to the upstairs.  Again, the paint was a dull green, and we could replace the chandelier with something a bit nicer later on, but the vaulted ceilings make it feel very open in this front space.

As we made our way to the kitchen, we found a basic bathroom (nothing notable here), a basic mudroom (which means we have a main-floor laundry), and we made our way into the kitchen/family room.

You might say “Good for you, there’s appliances!”  Again, we don’t know if we get to keep the appliances or not (the MLS listing said the only appliances included were the disposal and dishwasher).  Ashley’s already scheming, wanting to take out the island and put a big bar there, but the biggest thing to note about this kitchen is that it is 3x the size of the kitchen in our apartment!  Any place where we can have the oven door open and the dishwasher door open is better than what we have!

Here’s a crappy Brandt picture from his phone, but this is the family room that is connected to the kitchen.

Ashley doesn’t feel there’s much room for entertaining in here, as well as much room in the kitchen for a table.  We need to really get a chance to get in there and start visualizing things before we can get a good read, but there’s a couple things to point out here.  Notice in the kitchen picture, there was linoleum flooring?  We went from hardwood to Pergo, leading into the family room, and then linoleum in the kitchen.  Oh boy.  We’ve got a lot of work to do.  Second, the slate on the fireplace isn’t bad, but it really doesn’t flow with the rest of how the house looks.  We might have to fix that.

This is the view out the sliding glass door out of the kitchen.  It’s got a deck for me to put my grill, and enough of a berm to separate not only us from the power lines, but the community center (with a pool, play area, tennis courts and basketball courts) about 200 yards away.  There’s a lot of landscaping that needs to be done, but we’ve got a big enough yard that we can put a play structure in with lots of room to spare for kids running around…later…

Let’s go upstairs!

This is a bad picture by me, but it’s one of the spare bedrooms.  It’s a basic small bedroom, but again, we’ll have to rip up all the carpeting in the upstairs.  There’s a big brown spot in this bedroom.  On the other side of the bed.  Big.  Brown.  I’ll let you put those pieces together on what it could be.

Here’s the master bedroom from the view of where the bed was.  It looks like they mounted a TV in that nook between the closets, but having both closets is a nice touch.  Did we need more room?  Of course we do!

That’s right, it’s got a walk-in closet near the bathroom in the master (which is good, because I’ve noticed Ashley’s clothes and shoes seem to be multiplying).  I’m not sure what the 2×4’s are for, because they’ve got them in all the closets.  If the shelves need reinforcing, that’s not a big deal, but those 2×4’s by themselves are ugly.

Dual sinks in the bathroom are very nice (seeing that Ashley and I both get ready at the same time in the morning), but notice there’s carpeting on the floor?  Yeah, that’s coming out too.  I didn’t get a good picture of the bathroom because we were going through very quickly, but they’ve got a tub with jets, plus a stand-alone shower, but again, the biggest detraction is the carpeting in the bathroom.

The other 2 bedrooms are basic bedrooms, which will work out perfectly when we have family come in to town.

See the picture on the right?  There’s still toys and clothes and everything in this bedroom, which is really confusing.  According to our Realtor, “They’re weird, I’m not sure what’s going on here.”

Here’s the bathroom – your normal bathroom with a sink, a toilet, and a bath/shower.  Deep cleaning is needed as well as maybe replacing the linoleum at some point in the future.

That’s the house!  As soon as we get a chance to get back in there, I’ll have better pictures, but as of right now, the biggest thing is cleaning and updating.


8 Responses to “House #2 – Rochester”

  1. That looks like a great house! Esp at that price. Hope it works out for you guys 🙂

  2. Fingers crossed! We’re waiting on the bank now, which means best case scenario, about a week, or worst case scenario, upwards of 3+ months…..and rejection. Let’s just say we’re REALLY antsy to get a call back from the bank…

  3. we always had luck and heard back within a week. Of course it wasnt always good, but they were on top of it and looking at the offers.

  4. If we could get a response within a week with a “no,” while it would be heartbreaking, at least we’re not sitting on pins and needles waiting and waiting with no clue what’s next. I’m hoping the bank makes a quick decision, but the problem with short sales is that you are on the BANK’S clock. In your case, the clock was pretty quick. Let’s hope we have the same kind of luck!

    – B


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