Thanksgiving Thankfulness #3 – Metaphors

by Ashley

For weeks Brandt has been pestering me to write on our blog. I had originally agreed to write posts once we got a house then I could write to my heart’s desire about painting cabinets and revamping a bathroom. Well the house thing currently doesn’t have much movement, and I think Brandt wants to prove to the World Wide Web that he does have a wife, not just some imaginary figure he daydreams about…or does he? Just kidding Brandt, you know I love you.

Brandt told me to write something that I’m thankful for, which is like telling me to look at my shoe closet and pick one pair to wear for the rest of my life. Ah the horror! While I don’t have a shoe collection like Stacey London, who has rumored to have more than 300 pairs of stilettos alone, I love my shoes. All kinds of shoes. From my designer stilettos to my discount-store ballet flats, to my Nike cross-trainers to my Dr. Martin boots, I’m an equal opportunity employer when it comes to footwear.

The platitude is I’m thankful for a lot of things in that I probably don’t deserve half of them. It may not appear so, but in reality, I’m a snot queen bee and could use a good trip to a third-world country to really see how fortunate I am. For the sake of this blog, I will say that I’m grateful for metaphors, as I will use one to convey all the things I’m thankful for with shoes.
High heels are almost an archetype for sophisticated women. When I think of stilettos, I think of Parisian women or Audrey Hepburn. And that’s how I feel when I wear them. For being a 5’ 4’’ tall girl, I need all the height I can get, and I like how I look in pumps. It may seem shallow, but I am thankful for the finer things, if you can call them that, in my life. We have three computers, a big flat screen TV and hours upon hours of digital entertainment such as movies, music and books. With the world we live in today, if I have a question about anything, I can Google it on my phone and have the answer while going to the restroom. Gross I know, but what else are you going to do in those five minutes? But like high heels, these things aren’t always practical and could be the most dispensable item of the shoe family even though I really, really like them.

Ballet flats and wedges are a must for me. They make any outfit look better; I think they are great for work. Just slap them on and go. Of all of the shoes I wear, this category is probably the largest because they are both adorable and comfortable. I equate my flats and wedges with living in America. I have seen a lot of the United States, and I’m amazed on how varied its landscape. From the lakes, rivers and ocean side, to the desserts, mountains and plains. I’m amazed and awed at such a beautiful country we have. More importantly I can believe what I want to believe and go where I want to go. With so many countries with corrupt governments, or have basic freedoms, we take for granted here everyday, I’m grateful for the men and women who have given up their lives so that I can live freely.

Then there are the tennis shoes. Not the most glamorous and the shoes I don’t use as much, but I most certainly need to use them much more. People like to eat multiple Jelly Bellys, not just one. Any ways, when the terrain is rocky and steep, tennis shoes is the best option. This is my family. I probably take them the most for granted, but I need to tell them that I love and appreciate them more, especially because I’m a jerk, who gripes and complains if things don’t go my way. If these people can still love me despite all of my many, many inadequacies, well I need to make sure that they never leave me. I’m grateful to my mom and dad who would listen to my complaints and concerns and then give me a boost of encouragement. I’m grateful for Brandt who has been oh so very patient with me and doesn’t let him get caught up with my rants. I’m grateful for the long talks at night that last until two in the morning about the best Disney Pixar movies of all time. I’m thankful for the many dates going to the grocery store to just look at food and not buy, just because it was fun (We are an odd couple if you couldn’t tell).

The truth is if I had to pick a pair of shoes to wear for the rest of my life, I would be really sad to give up my shoes, but hands down I would pick the tennis shoes. They are the most important. Kinda like the towel to ”The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” it’s all you really need.

Stiletto picture taken from Tina Watkins, tennis shoes picture taken from the University of Missouri.


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