The (Extremely Delayed) Random Friday Five

by brandt

Apparently all my great aspirations of things to accomplish on a day off from work get evaporated when that day finally comes.  I wanted to do some hardcore organizing of our digital media library, get a couple of posts backlogged into the website so all I had to do was click “publish,” and even turn the charm on for Ashley and have this place ultra clean and tidy when she got home from work.

Yeah.  Those were pretty lofty aspirations.

Instead, my schedule turned into spending almost my entire morning in the car, taking lunch to Ashley, falling asleep in the afternoon and having her wake me up when she got home.  Then, we spent all night in the car delivering Christmas cookies to friends, and me falling asleep switching between the Red Wings game, Wall-E, the original Miracle on 34th Street, and the local news.  What’s the quote?  “The best laid plans of Mice and Men/Go often askew.”  That’s basically my life in a nutshell.

Anyways, on to the countdown!


1.) Deathstorm 2010 finally reared her ugly head here, and Ashley and I both got to feel the devastating effects of crazy winter snow drivers.  My drive usually takes 20 minutes, Ashley’s drive about 25 minutes.  We drive separate routes, Ashley on the major freeway, and me on the highways.  It took us 2 hours to get to work, and 2.5 hours to get home.  Here I was, praying to the winter gods to allow me to have a White Christmas instead of a Brown one, and look what I get.  An ice storm.  I guess the most important thing is that there were no accidents, and everyone was safe, but spending half as much time in my car as I was at work doesn’t make me the happiest person on the face of the earth.  Michigan is weird like that, though.  We usually get 2-3 bad storms per year, where the local news goes overboard, but the worst part is the ice, not the snow.  One thing I have learned in these nasty temperatures is to get good solid windows that are properly insulated and installed.  We have a big window near our bed in our apartment, and it’s the draftiest thing I’ve ever seen.  If Ashley were writing this, she would say I was a cover-hog.  But since she’s making more Christmas cookies, I have editorial control and can say that I’m just trying to stay healthy and warm.

2. I mentioned previously that Ashley has been baking a storm in between working and sleeping.  She’s really got some awesome talent when it comes to baking, and it’s kind of a shame that our 7×7 kitchen just wasn’t made for baking queens like her.  This year, she’s putting an awesome smorgasbord of holiday treats together, but there’s one problem…I’m not allowed to sneak in and steal any.  Sure, she bakes a few extra so we can have some, but usually that’s not when my sweet tooth kicks in.  It’s usually at about 10:30 at night, and I look in the refrigerator and see the cake truffles and snowmen suckers and all the crazy stuff she’s come up with.  The wost part?  I can’t even sneak one….she told me explicitly that “I know how many are in there, I know how many goes to each family, and I will know if you take just one.”  The nice part was when we were out delivering, she had some extras so I was able to get my sweet tooth on then.  And yes, that’s a real picture of the real snowman with the REAL ASHLEY’S FINGER!

3. Ashley said something to me this past week that made me almost cry.  We were flipping through the stations trying to find a good classic Christmas movie when I noticed that AMC was doing a movie-marathon of tons of Christmas movies (some good, some bad).  They had a wonderful classic movie playing at 8:00 that night, so I made sure we were nestled in tight before turning it on.  I switch to the station, Ashley looks at me, and says “I’ve never heard of this movie.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No.  I’ve never seen it.  Is it good?”


“Well there’s no need to get testy, Brandt.  It’s just a movie.”

I think my jaw fell to the floor.  JUST a movie?!?!?!?  Is Harry Potter just a boy with a scar?  Is the Bible just a book?  IS CHUCK NORRIS JUST A MAN!?!?!?!?

We haven’t been able to see it beginning to end completely yet (she’s seen bits and pieces based on this weekend’s hectic schedule), but she’s fallen in love with Edmund Gwenn as the best Santa Claus…err…Kris Kringle ever.

4. There’s a lot of talk about Michael Vick being an MVP this year in the NFL.  I’ve had a lot of talks with a lot of different people, and I’d say it’s split 50/50 if he should even be allowed to play in the NFL, much less be eligible for the MVP.  I’m an animal lover as much as the next person, having volunteered at a shelter in Southeast Idaho for a few years in college as well as rescuing our 2 kittens from a shelter as well, and we’ll probably adopt our dog from one also.  It really sickens me what he did.  And even if he goes the rest of his life as a model citizen, he’s always going to have this hanging over his head.  And if, by chance, he goes on to have a phenomenal second career in the NFL, it’s still going to be talked about.  And if he gets into ANY trouble, even a speeding ticket, it’s going to be brought up.  And I’m OK with that.  it’s called consequences.  You did those things, this is the consequence of that happening.  But at the end of the day, he did pay his debt to society.  And he does have a skill that people are willing to pay big money for.  I understand if it was, say, a financial analyst like me, I would be replaced and it would be no second thought, and I might have a tough time finding another job.  But that’s the nature of having a free and open economy.  I just hope Vick found what he was looking for, and while Tony Dungy (one of the best spiritual men the NFL has ever known) didn’t give him his blessing, he did assist and help and stand by Michael Vick.  And Dungy isn’t about himself.  He’s a genuinely good guy.  I guess at the end of the day, I still don’t know what to think about him.  But I want to give him a chance…..

5. Finally, to round out last week’s Random Friday Five, I just want to give a heartfelt thank you to all 5 of you who stick around and decide that what I write is somewhat interesting…or at least that I post some interesting pictures.  It’s been a roller coaster trying to find “the one” house that’s meant for us, and seeing the encouraging comments and emails really brightens my day when things seem to be getting bleak.  I know, it’s just house hunting, I should be glad that I’m even in this position.  But sometimes big gruff cranky guys like me can actually have their heart touched when I see the wonderful comments.  So thank you!

And now that Sappy Brandt has left the building, we end with MORE KITTEHS!!!

funny pictures of cats with captions

Pictures from Lolcats, IMDB, Huffington Post, and Lolcats


2 Comments to “The (Extremely Delayed) Random Friday Five”

  1. Brandt- You crack me up. I gotta go to bat for Ashley though- I haven’t seen the original Miracle on 34th Street either. Nor have I seen the Wizard of Oz, E.T., Dumb and Dumber, Harry Potter, and so on (you can basically name any movie that “everyone” has seen, and I’ve never seen it). I’m lame like that. =)

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