Random Friday Five, “SEE YA LATER 2010” Edition

by brandt

Yes, its New Years Eve, and somehow we got snookered into chaperoning a youth group’s New Year’s Eve party.  The good?  I get to make fun of 14-year old boys and convince them they need to give a kiss to one of the girls once the clock hits 12:00.  The bad?  I have to hang out with teenagers all night.  At least the Red Wings are playing tonight to keep me occupied.

Ugh.  Teenagers.  That being said, be prepared for an abbreviated version of the Random Friday Five.


funny pictures of cats with captions

1. It’s kind of sad how Christmas almost completely goes away after December 26th.  All that hubbub and energy into Christmas decorations, Christmas parties, Christmas movies, Christmas food, and it’s all gone like that in 48 hours.  I won’t lie, it makes me kind of sad.  I guess Thanksgiving is kind of the same way, but at least you’ve got the rest of that week to spend enjoying the food and the decorations and the weather and the football.  Michigan, on the other had, decided that we needed a bit of a warm spell.  Why?  Who knows.  So the weather gods sent us over a warmed up heated 55 degree day with rain to wash away all the snow and remind us how ugly the ground looks without it.  Ashley was ecstatic that the snow was gone.  I almost cried.  The cats looked out the window emotionless.

2. I’ve been working from home during this Christmas break, and while it’s been nice not having to worry about dealing with rush hour traffic to and from work.  It’s been nice being able to roll out of bed, turn my computer on and go through my security protocols while I’m brushing my teeth.  And especially at 9:00 AM, when I can take 15 minutes and make myself some breakfast in between writing emails.  All that being said, I need to go back to the office.  First, it gives me some stability in my work schedule.  Working from home there were a few times when I was deep in a project, looked at the clock, and realized it was 7:00 PM at night.  I got really distracted as well, especially with both cats meowing at me in between their cat naps about wanting some attention and playtime.  I think it’s inherent in cats once you open your laptop to go immediately to your keyboard and lay on it.  Ridiculous.  It’ll be nice going back and seeing the co-workers, but working from home had some huge benefits.  I think if we had a house where I could go to one definite area and work it would be different, but who knows.

3. The interesting thing about chaperoning teenagers is that it gives my marketing and advertising mind a chance to work in overdrive.  I saw an awesome documentary last year (that had been out for a while) by PBS Frontline called “The Merchants of Cool,” and how uniquely the teenage demographic is marketed to.  They really are a curious bunch, because traditional marketing means won’t always work on them.  I mean, look at how much technology has changed from 1984 (my birth year) to now.  DVR’s, internet, cell phones, video and music on demand, advertising catered directly towards your likes and dislikes based on Google search results.  Whenever I’m around these teens, I always think of 1,001 questions to ask them to see what they experience.  Do they even watch TV on a general basis?  With iPods so prevalent with all of them, how do they find new music?  Styles?  Fashions?  Trends?  It’s all amazing to me.  I highly recommend the documentary, if you haven’t seen it.  You can find it online at the link above, or right here.

4. I finally did it.  I finally took the dive, and purchased myself an Amazon Kindle.  I know what you’re thinking, and no, this isn’t like the Snuggie debacle all over again.  This was something that everyone knew about to make sure that there were no miscues.  And might I tell you, it’s amazing.  I’ve got the Kindle app for my Motorola Droid, and while it’s nice having all my books on a small device to read wherever, the bright LCD screen is a bother.  Ashley was skeptical at first, thinking that it was going to be the same thing, but she can’t put the Kindle down either.  The best way to describe it is that the text on the screen looks like something an Etch-A-Sketch would put up, but a lot better quality.  I’ve been very impressed, and I’ve only had it for a couple of days.  I would highly recommend it for any avid book reader in your life (or Technophile like me).

5. Please, for Pete’s sake, be safe out there.  Have fun, party like it’s 2010, send the year out in a bang, but be careful.  Our party ends at 12:30, and I’m not looking forward to the drive home (though I think it’s early enough that we should be OK).  Call a cab, call a friend, be careful driving, look both ways before you enter an intersection, and take my old roommate’s advice: “Don’t be dumb.”  We want you all to stay alive!

Have a very happy New Year, and we’ll see you all on the flip side!


2 Comments to “Random Friday Five, “SEE YA LATER 2010” Edition”

  1. eric had to work new years eve. all i wanted to do was stay at home and cuddle with the dog. my friend made me go out with her, and by 10 i wanted to pass out. i’m too old for this crap…

    but happy new year!!!

    • We got home at about 1:30 Am, and I fell asleep at about 1:32 Am. The poor cats hadn’t seen us all day, and I was woken up at about 6:00 AM with a tail in my face and a cat that decided we were going to have “petting time.” I wasn’t too happy about that one……

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