Back to the Future Part II was WRONG!

by Ashley

I can’t believe 2010 is over and we STILL haven’t invented flying cars or even come close. Is it just me, or does any one else feel slighted about living in the future? Sure we live in a time where you can virtually have the world at your fingertips, travel tens of thousands of miles in a matter of hours, and stay connected with people in outer space, but I want my souped-up flying DeLorean and a robot that will cook meals. Does this make me spoiled? Ok, and I want a cure for cancer too. Ah, that’s better.

For this year, I keep thinking of “Meet the Robinsons,” which is a vastly underrated movie. It has a great saying that I often tell myself: “Keep moving forward.” So as the New Year rolls a round, I look forward to what it has to bring. I thought of all of my new year’s resolutions, and basically I need to be a skinnier, nicer, cleaner, more organized, and just a more awesome person than I am today. Then after I think of all of my resolutions, I get tired and want to curl up in a blanket and eat my salt and vinegar potato chips. (I’m a salt lover more so than a chocolate lover).  Anyways, even though I have lofty aspirations for ’11 I do have some goals that I think can be accomplished. Here is my list.

1.     Eat more fruits and veggies—especially veggies.

When Brandt and I were in college, we developed some terrible eating habits. I mean, my mother would have slapped me if she knew what we were ingesting three meals a day. Our senior year, we were trying to finish up school and after class, work, homework, group work, and projects, we were drained of all energy. Plus we were freshly married, and we wanted to spend time together. So all of the fast-food franchises Rexburg, ID has to offer: McDonalds, Taco Bell, Subway, Jack-in-the-Box—you name it, we ate there for pretty much every single meal of the day. Even though it’s been almost two years, I still get cravings for fast food. Also, there’s the laziness factor, and it’s just easier going out to eat. I will say that Brandt and I have been loads better this past year. I mean I lost more than 25 lbs by just staying home and making food. So that being said, obviously need to take better care of myself and eat healthy, unprocessed things. My goal is to eat the recommended amount of fruits and veggies. Fruits won’t an issue; it’s those darn veggies. But I want to be healthy and enjoy my life as I get older.

2.     Play the guitar

I got a guitar for Christmas (though it hasn’t been delivered to us yet, hopefully this week). I kind of played back in college; basically I know a couple of chords, and that’s it. But I’m a great self-learner, and I have found a lot of cool songs for beginners to play. Once I get my guitar little miss Taylor Swift better watch out because I will be jammin’.  Just kidding, I could never pull off the curly permed-hair look.

3.     Be more creative

Brandt has said that I have been baking a storm. This is true. I guess I’m in a phase in my life where I want to create things baked goods, photography, decorating—anything that inspires me. JoAnn Fabrics and this really awesome cake-decorating store my mother-in-law showed me have now moved up to favorite store status. Another aspect of being more creative is to do more photography and Photoshop stuff. I have my own site with some of my design work, but I have neglected it for months. Hopefully this year I will be better about updating posts regularly.

4.     A house

Yes please. We have been looking for seven months, and after all of the things that we went through, it would be nice to have a place of our own. I would like to have a kitchen that can store all of the veggies that I have to eat, and play my guitar without disturbing the people living down stairs.  I want my house to be my canvas to do cool projects like redoing kitchen cabinets and updating bathrooms. Lately we have been lucky to find houses that are in our price range and have the amenities we want. Hopefully we can make a decision soon.

5.     A baby?

**Disclaimer I’m not pregnant…currently**

We are thinking that after Brandt works at his job for a year and get settled with the house, that perhaps a baby could be the next phase in our lives.  So that’s about 8 more months to get healthy and get our fun out before we REALLY need to be responsible adults, not just pretending to be.

Well that’s what I hope to do this year for 2011, have a happy new year everyone. It’s only January 4th, so I have 361 more days to get the things I want accomplished.

What are your goals and resolutions for this year?

Image from Modern Home Modern Baby.


2 Comments to “Back to the Future Part II was WRONG!”

  1. Awwww thinking of a baby!!! That’s flipping awesome! and hopefully I can help with the veggies!!! =)


    • She’s been thinking of a baby for over a year…we’re just hoping that income stabilizes so that when we finally make the jump, we’re financially ready.

      And your pictures look so good that sometimes I forget that they’re veggies and that I’m not supposed to like them!

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