Random Friday Five “Are We Done Yet” Edition – 01/14/2011

by brandt

The purchase agreement is in, the EMD check has been deposited, and now we’re officially on the clock with the waiting game.  Thank you very much to all you kind people sending your positive karmic wishes over to us!  We could really use the good vibes as we begin the wonderful task of waiting on the bank.  It’s like “Waiting on the World to Change,” but instead of hope and optimism for humankind, we’re hoping and optimistic that a number cruncher spits out the numbers we want.  Our agent thinks that we’re in good shape, based on length of time on the market, the current time of year (sales are slow during the winter), and especially the comps in the area.  However, she’s warned us that the bank (GMAC) is going to do what the bank is going to do.  Obviously, updates will come almost as soon as we hear something (after Ashley and I both do our “happy dance,” make the appropriate phone calls, and come back down to Planet Earth).

Anyways, on with the countdown!

wait…aren’t I missing something?

Oh yeah….can’t believe I almost forgot.


funny pictures of cats with captions
Courtesy of Lolcats

1. At the risk of navel gazing, I guess I’ll let the proverbial cat out of the bag. I have officially been alive for 9,490 days.  On Wednesday, I started my 27th year alive.  I’m not a big birthday person.  I’m really not, and it’s not just me being humble (something that Ashley tells me I should probably work on).  It’s nice to have family and close friends give me the ol’ “Happy Birthday,” but that’s about it.  As a matter of fact, I successfully navigated an “All Hands On Deck” meeting at work on Wednesday with ZERO MENTION of it, which made me pleased as peaches.  I guess I just view birthdays a bit…oddly.  That being said, I’m the first one to jump up and sing and give someone a “Happy Birthday” when it’s their day, I just don’t like it on me.  It’s kind of like saying “Bravo, you made it through last year without dying.  Let’s see if you can make it this year.”  Ashley was a little put out, though.  She kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday, and aside from a cake and some Cookies and Cream Ice Cream (you know, with the big huge chunks of Oreos), I couldn’t think of anything.  Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of things I’d like.  But at this point, waiting to get in our house, not sure of how much it’s going to cost to get set up, I’d rather wait it out.  Besides, if I got Ashley, I’m a happy man.

(Just like that, I just made her swoon)

Edit by Ashley: And just like that, the moment’s gone, buddy.

Oh well. I tried.

2. I’m coming to you, faithful blog readers, for a bit of assistance. So I’ve got this friend, and he’s got a cat.  Let’s call him…ohhhhhh….Manny.  So you’ve got this friend with a cat named Manny, hypothetically, and your friend tells you he’s been acting a bit weird.  He’s squinting out of one eye.  And your friend tells you he looks closer, and there’s some gunk in the corner of his eye.  So he wipes it out, but it’s been there for the past 3 mornings.  And then, you your friend wakes up a couple of mornings ago, and notices that Manny’s tear duct is starting to get swollen.  So your friend has been monitoring it for the past 3-4 days, to see if it gets better on its own or goes away.  So he’s done some research, and it looks like Manny might have a blocked tear duct.  Maybe.  What advice would you give to your friend?  Should your friend wait it out and let Manny cat try to heal himself while monitoring it?  Should he freak and call the vet?  And how much would a vet visit plus some antibiotics cost?  Remember, this is for a friend.  Because there’s no way that I would let my cats get to this point.  It’s just a coincidence that this friend’s cat and my cat are both named Manny……….

3. I think when we get in our house, the first thing I’m going to monitor is the windows. In our apartment now, we have the draftiest windows ever.  I think they’re honestly just really cheap windows, because you sit near them and freeze.  My side of the bed faces the window in our bedroom, and if my arm is outside the blanket, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with an ice-cold arm.  Lots of people in our complex have used either Heat Shrink plastic or some other sort of plastic sheeting over the windows to reduce the cold air coming through.  I would have done something like that, but because we were never sure when we would me moving out, I decided to quietly suffer go about my daily routines in a frigid dignity.  Our place is cheap, and so the windows probably weren’t weather-sealed properly, or they could be old, or drafty, or whatever.  All I know is that this will not fly in the new place.


In case you didn’t hear, Verizon is getting the iPhone.  And to say I am tempted is quite possibly the understatement of the year.  Right now, I have the original Motorola Droid, which serves all my geeky techy needs (while also separating me from Mac Fanboy status).  I also have the 1st generation iPod touch, which is probably the main reason why I want the iPhone.  Apple’s iOS beats Android as far as look and functionality goes, whereas Android beats iOS as far as customization and open-source development, meaning some brainy hacker could probably make an app that would allow you to force someone to wet themselves just by pressing a button.  I do like the iPhone though.  Android is going to be out on some really nice phones coming up (debuted at CES), but gosh darn it, that iPhone is NICE!  IF…IF I make the jump, it would probably be after the rumored iPhone 5 comes out this summer (where I could hopefully snatch up an iPhone 4 at a decent price)…decisions decisions…

5. I think 3 day weekends are really really good. I think 3 day weekends when I have them and Ashley doesn’t are really really bad.  I’ve got this Monday off, Ashley doesn’t, which means she’ll get up, go to work, and I’ll wander around trying to keep myself busy until she gets home.  I’m sure there could be tons of things for me to do…after all, it’s just me and the cats (who are also men, albeit not as much “man” as I am, if you get my drift).  What man things could we do?  We could watch football…but it won’t be on.  We could use tools!  But there wouldn’t be anything to use them on!  We could lift weights and “GET OUR SWELL ON”…for about 30 minutes.  Maybe I should monitor the cats and observe how they react when Ashley and I leave for the day.  Oh wait, I’ve done that too – and it consists of them sleeping, then chasing after each other, then eating, then some more sleeping, then watching the birds outside.  Maybe that’ll be my Monday…

Have a good weekend everyone!  For those of you down south, stay warm.  For those of you in the great northwest, get ready, because it looks like another storm is coming!  And for those of you in THE PROMISED LAND, the GREAT MIDWEST…well…you’re used to this kind of winter.

Images via Coolest Birthday Cakes and TechReviews.


3 Comments to “Random Friday Five “Are We Done Yet” Edition – 01/14/2011”

  1. awww my doggie got a plugged/clogged tear duct. We soaked a green tea bag in warm water and tested it to our wrist before applying it 2-3x daily to the poor pups tear duct. It healed up quite nicely.

    Though i’m supposed to advocate rushing to the vet. The vets saved my ferret =) good people

  2. Hilarious. First of all don’t forget to HARASS your realtor, their assistant, their boss, everyone in their office, their relatives if you know them or pretty much anyone you can think of. Seriously. Also find out if your deal has a short sale negotiator. Does your agent work with one? Then you can find out if you can harass them to. The good thing about those guys is they get PAID TO HARASS people (why didn’t I know about this awesome job before deciding to become a stay at home Mom?) Harassing people all day sounds so fun! 🙂

    About the cat. Jenn’s advice is great and I second it!

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