Day 15: Still No Word

by brandt

Wow…not writing any updates for a while felt like I was on a deserted island, with barely any communication with the outside world.

As a matter of fact, since we haven’t heard any news yet from our agent, it does feel like we’re on a deserted island.  Where’s Wilson when I need him?









I don’t have a volleyball, though. I have Ashley, who always provides me with a quick one-liner, or Ashleyism, to keep me on my toes. For example, a few nights ago the Ashleyism was “I was going to tell you something but then you distracted me with Christopher Walken impressions.” Her saying that anytime is going to send me into a hysterical laughter. But telling me that at 11:30 at night? Wonderful.

I have the cats, who currently are going through an identity crisis. Manny, well on his way to returning to his old self, has decided that he wants to become a lap cat. There’s a problem, though. He doesn’t understand the concept of being “petted.” It’s all about rubbing his face the way he wants, and unless you’re doing it with proper frequency, stroke and direction, he moves on.

Toby, on the other hand, went from being uninterested and distant, to being an old man cat who only wanted to sleep, and now is back to his kitty phase…and this has all happened within a years time frame. Toby, you’re awesome, you really are. But do you really need to play with me at 4:30 in the morning? Can’t you play with me at 4:30 in the afternoon when I get home from work?

So we’re not completely isolated from reality, but sometimes it feels like it. It has officially been 15 days since we made our offer on the house. And because it’s a short sale, we might not hear back from the bank at minimum for another 2 weeks, and who knows the maximum amount of time it could take them to come back. I’ve heard one of the most stressful parts of a short sale is seeing the opportunities on other potential houses pass by, and I guess that’s where we have been lucky. There haven’t been any houses that have popped up that really get me interested. The houses we looked at previous to this house were…OK…but I think I would still take this house over the other ones, if anything for the kitchen alone. While some of them have had offers placed on them, some of them have been taken off the market, most likely due to the seller’s agent misrepresenting the seller’s situation (I am thinking of 2 houses, specifically).

All in all, we’re waiting. We’re in a holding pattern. And I’m hoping that inspiration strikes me to continue writing more frequently, because going day after day, week after week while waiting to hear back is going to get pretty old.


5 Comments to “Day 15: Still No Word”

  1. Ugh, the waitings. It’s THE. WORST.

    Good luck on the short sale – I hope the stars align perfectly for you and that you will experience smooth sailing and not too much waiting! You’re way braver than us to go for a short sale :o)

  2. Keep busy little bee!!!!! oh wow that was cheesier than cheesy! =) My fingers are still crossed for you and Ash!

  3. HARASS HARASS HARASS HARASS! That should be your motto. Call your agent. Call anyone you can! The more you annoy them the more they want to get the deal through and get rid of you. 🙂 It works. I swear!

    What we did while we were waiting was went out every weekend shopping for furniture, appliances or anything to keep thinking about the house. We just shopped for fun…not buying anything and it was really good to have a plan when we finally got the house.

  4. Don’t let the waiting game drive you bonkers! Just keep swimming.

  5. Good luck! You could probably catch Castaway on tv while you’re waiting, considering it’s on constaaantly.

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