What the Newbies Ate

by brandt

Jenn, over at Peas and Crayons, has a wonderful idea going for anyone who’s ever felt that middle-of-the-week-timeless question of “What should we have for dinner tonight?”

If you’ve never asked that question, well, consider yourself lucky.  We ask ourselves that question almost on a constant basis.  Partly because we both work full-time, and coming home and actually cooking a meal seems arduous (PB&J Sandwiches for dinner, anyone?)  and we also have very divergent tastes in food (I could eat Mexican and Asian food every day, Ashley could eat Italian food every day).

That’s where Jenn comes in.

“What I Ate Wednesday” is her newest brainchild, and it’s been gathering a head of steam as her faithful readers have been getting the word out and sending her their links for what they ate.  I wasn’t hesitant – I just figured I didn’t fit her demographic for what she was looking for as far as what we (or I) ate.

See…I don’t eat the best.  I like meat.  I like beef, steak, chicken, pork, and fish.  And I don’t always eat the according to the USDA Food Pyramid.  So after seeing her call to all her followers on her blog and on Twitter to send the links over, and after seeing all the tweets at her with links, I decided to give her a bit of a hard time over Twitter:

Brandt (NewHouseOTBlog): Big Macs, McDonald’s French Fries, and Coca Cola aren’t acceptable for your What We Ate, right? erm…not saying i ate that

Jenn (PeasAndCrayons): Heck yes it is. post it. You have until Sunday to post something for the party. If Rebecca (LilHouseCould) did it you totally have to =)

I laughed at my funny little joke, and didn’t think about the What We Ate trumpeting call out, until last night.

Ashley: Hey, what do you want for dinner?
Brandt: I think we’ve got some block cheddar cheese and some crackers.  I might just have that.
Ashley: Does lasagna sound good?  I might have a new recipe.
Brandt: Sure.  What’s the new recipe?
Ashley: Well, it’s got lasagna noodles, and cheese, and spinach, and carrots, and bell peppers…
Brandt: Vegetarian lasagna?
Ashley: I need to get my full serving of vegetables.  You do too.

I was…intrigued. Ashley’s a wiz in the kitchen, and she had that gleam in her eye like she was going to make something magical. So, I put on my big boy pants and said “Sure, let’s do it.” And this is what came out.

I don’t take pictures as well as Jenn, and my food doesn’t look as nice, but here’s what we’ve got.

Veggie lasagna
(Ashley can probably chime in down in the comments with the actual recipe, I’m just writing what I remember doing).
She had me chopping up carrots into thinish slices to be able to either hide in between the lasagna layers or to mix in the cottage cheese mixture. She also thawed out a block of spinach and mixed that with everything, and we used up some green peppers that we had lying around and mixed that as well. She had cottage cheese, egg, other cheese, and the veggies, and would layer the cheesy mixture on every layer of lasagna. Spaghetti sauce on top of that, then a bit of cheese on top of that, then in the oven.

Wanting to make sure we got our full serving of vegetables, she grabbed our salad mixture from Costco out of the refrigerator, used up the rest of our cherry tomatoes (which are wonderful to snack on at work), and I doused my salad in a wonderful helping of Ken’s Lite Northern Italian Salad Dressing.

For a meat-eater like myself, it was…different. The wonderful thing about meat is that it gives you some substance, makes you feel like you’ve filled up a bit. And I’m not wanting to start a huge discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of meat vs. vegetarianism, or what the USDA does to their meat, or even what Taco Bell does to their meat. All I know is that the times I’ve had vegetarian meals, it feels like I’m still waiting for the main course to settle in my stomach.

That being said – Ashley’s lasagna tasted EXACTLY like regular lasagna. I’ve heard of people using beans as a meat-type substance, which works, because beans do have a meaty-type taste to them, so if we were to do it again, I think we would put a meatier bean in between the lasagna noodles and the sauce.

So there it is, What the Newbies Ate on Thursday. “almost thou persuadest me to be a vegan…”

(and check out Jenn’s awesome website, Peas and Crayons. But don’t go there while you’re hungry, or you’ll make a decision you’ll regret, hiding in your car after you’ve eaten some off-the-grill item at the local gas station)


7 Comments to “What the Newbies Ate”

  1. bahahahaha! You kids crack me up! =) I love the twitter recap for dramatic effect.

    are you ready for your reward? you didn’t get a full serving of veggies. you got at least TWO AND A HALF servings of veggies on that plate. The sauce, lasagna veggies, lettuce and tomatoes all contribute towards your veggie count for the day. There even looks like enough sauce to really make it a total of THREE servings.

    I feel like a proud mama ❤ even if there was meat in there… i'd still be elated =)


  2. dude you totally forgot to put it on my page so people can visit you! I added it for ya! =)

  3. Brandt now you are just making me look bad. I am officially the only one not cool enough to do this post yet. Jenn I am working on it for this week…

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