A Tiny Update

by brandt

As many of you have probably gathered, we’re in a “dark” period right now of waiting and not hearing much new information.  It got to a point where my agent would call, we’d talk for a spell, but after I hung up the phone I realized she was calling out of convenience to me, not because she had any “real news.”

Don’t get me wrong.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It’s got to be just as stressful on her, since she’s been working with us for the last 6 months and dealt with a couple real “gold mines” as far as seller’s agents go.  The fact that she is calling to let us know she’s still trying to get any information that she can is enough to appease me while we’re waiting.

But last night, oh last night we had a phone call.  And it was simultaneously frustrating and exhilarating at the same time.

But let me back up.

You all know we’ve been waiting on House #8 – Lake Orion for a while.  We’ve made a good solid offer, asked for the bank to pay closing costs, kept our offer within the comps on the area, and are working with an agent who not only specializes in short sales, but has the same optimism that we do that we’re making a very good solid offer, and that the bank will come through for us.

We finally were able to get the sellers to comply and submit the finalized offer to the bank on January 11th, ironically one day before my birthday.  Talk about a great birthday gift!  Well, we’ve been in a holding pattern since then, waiting for the bank to assign our case to a negotiator to get the ball rolling.

Instead of anxiously pacing in a circle patiently twiddling my thumbs waiting for something to happen, I’ve kind of mentally “checked-out” for a spell, which is the reason why I haven’t posted very much in the last month.  See, I’ve got a problem….nay, a sickness…nay, a disease.  A close friend of mine held an “intervention” and helped me to identify this crippling condition that was holding me back.  There’s not a clear medical term for it, but we’ve termed it as “Playing the ‘What-If’ game.”

(Alright, I know that was a lot of build up for something as pithy as the “what if” game, but stringing you all along like that was just too easy!)

Why don’t we gather round for another “Story Time with Uncle Brandt,” shall we?  Please sit in a semi-circle, legs crossed, arms in your lap.  I’ll have cookie and milk afterwards before we get ready for nap time.

So there I was, a dopey high-school guy, 16-years old, trying to understand the social scene.  I’d meet girls, we’d hang out once or twice, go on a date once or twice, and then there was that point in time where you realize you need to make a decision to either take that next step and determine if we’re just going to be “good friends” or maybe, something more.  Sometimes, it happens naturally.  Life takes its course, and you realize that saying friends is probably the best way to go, or beginning a “high-school romance” is the next step (which, looking back, was nothing more than having someone to hang out with during school and call at night, and maybe hang out with on the weekend).

But those times when someone needed to take a step into the unknown, and take a chance, that’s when this condition would manifest itself.  I think because I was a guy, I felt that responsibility should fall on my shoulders.  I would start formulating a plan, and then it would hit me.  “What-if?”  What if this happens, how will I react.  Well, what if this and this happens, what’s my next move?  Or what if this crazy random circumstance happens, how do I work with that?  And I would sit there and spend all night going over situation upon situation not only out of nerves, but because I wanted to appear and come off as smooth as I possibly could, that no matter what situation someone would throw at me, I’d have some way of  deflecting it or playing it off like it was no big deal.

It was after one friend (a girl) saw how over-the-top I would get, and who also suffered from the same dilemma, that we realized that sometimes it’s OK to walk into the unknown.  Sometimes, it’s OK  to be unsure of things.  And heck, sometimes it’s OK to allow life to just “happen” to you.

OK, story time is over.  I know, John Hughes’ “The Breakfast Club” is calling, they want their movie back.  Sometimes, if I think of my high school experience as a John Hughes movie, it’s much much funnier.  And don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun in high school.  But the interesting thing about that story is that is what I’ve had to tell myself with this house.  It’s so easy to get caught up in scheming on what we want to do with that family room, or Ashley fantasizing about paint color combinations, or me drooling at possibly finishing the basement that we fail to see the fact that…frankly….we don’t have the house yet.  We don’t have any house yet.  So we just need to chill.

So what of this “tiny update”?  My agent called last night to update me on what’s going on with the seller’s agent, what’s going on with the property….and to tell me that our house has been assigned a negotiator!  That might not seem like a big deal, but it is.  That means the bank has assigned someone to work on this case, this short sale, this property.  She found this out yesterday from the title company.  From what I understand, GMAC is handling the transaction, and my agent’s experience with them has been pretty good.  They’re pretty quick, they’re pretty reasonable to deal with, and they’re up-to-date on technology and using it to help out the buyers and sellers.

So right now, we wait.  But now, that light that I see at the end of the tunnel isn’t a freight train.  It’s starting to look like daylight and hope.

Image via Ironic Sans.


7 Comments to “A Tiny Update”

  1. Hurray! I’m rooting for you!

  2. I am definitely the worryer in my relationship and always ALWAYS play the what if game. turns out that only like 12% or 8%–i cant remember the exact number but the point is it’s LOW– so yeah, only some ridiculously low number of your worries actually comes true. so stop worrying, it will be ok.

  3. Yaaaaay Congrats! Can’t wait to hear what happens next!

  4. its gonna happen =) best of luck! i’m glad you got a little update to give you hope ❤

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! That’s such a big step.

  6. That is a great step! Negotiators are awesome because that means that someone is actually DOING something finally! You should hear something soon. It seems like it takes so much longer than it really does. If you prepare to wait then when you hear something you will be surprised and excited!

    • Well, the sellers put a weird stip in the contract that was basically asking for an executed mortgage subject to inspection/appraisal, which is weird for a short sale, since who knows what the bank is going to say (why would you get a fully underwritten mortgage if you’re not sure if you’ll get it or not). The seller’s agent kind of doesn’t know what she’s doing when it comes to the seller’s portion of the short sale, so she put in all these weird things in the contract, but whatever. That’s the reason why we made sure our agent was experienced with short sales. It seems like forever ago when we found out we got a negotiator, when in all actuality it’s only been a bit more than a week. The Loan Officer is getting our mortgage app put through underwriting, so hopefully once we negotiate a price with the bank we’ll be able to pull the trigger and get in quickly. Hopefully……..

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