Movin’ On Up (To The Big Time)

by brandt

I’ve lived in apartments since I was 19. I lived in 8 different apartments during my 2-yr stint in South Korea, I lived in 3 differerent apartments while single in college, and Ashley and I are now on our 4th apartment as a married couple. When we came back to Michigan, the apartment we found was the largest we’d ever lived in. Weighing in at a whopping 1,044 square feet, with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, we thought we’d hit the big time. I mean, 2 full bathrooms! That way, Ashley could have her girly stuff spread all over HER counter, and I could have manly things on my counter. No more did I have to worry about her complaining that the shower always smelled like guys soap, no more did I have to worry about my shampoo barely lasting one month, we were living large!

That is, until we settled in.

When we looked at the floor plans, and toured the model, we were floored. Our place had things like a snack bar, a balcony/patio, a washer/dryer included in our apartment, and a walk-in closet. And for the first 2 months, we were in heaven. The second bedroom was converted to an office, with a nice desk and multiple bookshelves for browsing. The master bedroom was perfect sized for our bed, plus 2 Ikea Lak side tables. As a matter of fact, here’s the floor plan where we’re living now.

But then something quite amazing happened.  We started gathering “stuff.”  I couldn’t really explain it, it started small.  My parents, preparing to move out of the house they’ve lived in since I was in 4th grade (for about 17 yrs), started de-junkifying their house.  Here’s a spare dining table we don’t need.  Give it to Brandt and Ashley.  Here’s a spare desk we don’t need, a spare dresser, a spare this, a spare that.  We ate it all up, seeing that we packed up our entire lives in a 14′ UHaul and moved from Idaho out here to Michigan.

We started filling up this apartment pretty quickly.  Back in January, when I first got the lightening bolt to start looking at houses, we figured our apartment was big enough for the 2 of us (plus our two little furballs).  Now?

Well, now that we’ve toured some houses, now that we’ve started fantasizing, it’s changed.  We can’t wait to get to something a bit bigger.  To quote Ashley from last night, “I just can’t wait to have a place to put all my stuff, instead of temporarily putting it on a desk.”

That being said….when the time finally comes, we’re going to look back on our time in the apartments with fondness.

  • Remember that time when we got our first place as a married couple, and the only place we could find was single men’s student housing?
  • Remember when we moved our entire apartment with just a tiny Chevy Tracker, in 2 nights?
  • Remember when we moved into our second apartment on New Year’s Day, and the furnace was out?  Remember that frigid Idaho winter, and how we went to sleep with about 10 layers on each, huddling together for heat?
  • Remember walking the 1/2 mile to class along the sidewalk enjoying the beautiful Idaho springtime?
  • Remember when we had our contract sold out from under our feet, and found a spot in the nicest apartment complex in Rexburg?
  • Remember graduating, having no prospects for a job, and moving out to Michigan on a hope and a prayer  that we’d find something?
  • Remember moving into our place in Michigan, and realizing we only had a 7’x7′ area for our kitchen?
  • Remember when we brought the kitties home for the first time?
  • Remember when we decided to start looking at houses?

I’m hoping the next question in this series is:

Remember when we moved into our first place?

Time will tell………


3 Comments to “Movin’ On Up (To The Big Time)”

  1. My parents love to tell the story of how they rented out a room and slept on a twin bed when they first got married. Eric and I will be able to tell our kids we rented out a guesthouse shack in someone’s backyard to save money.

    and they will never believe it because our house will be grand and beautiful. one day. in about 3 to 5 years : )

    • A twin bed? A twin bed?? I don’t think I could handle that. We’ve got a queen sized, and we’re both floppers when we sleep (as in, we constantly have a battle of encroachment on each other’s side).

      I remember once we were visiting somewhere, and they had 2 twin beds. We could either sleep on seperate beds (we had been married 6 months, so you KNOW that wasn’t happening!), try to fit on a twin bed (ermmmm….no), or push 2 twins together. The problem was, I kept falling in between the 2 beds, getting stuck at odd hours of the night. I’m wondering if I should have taken one for the team and slept on a separate bed!

  2. awwww that day will come! and you’re going to aquire even more stuff and appreciate the hell out of it! ❤

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