Surviving a Home Inspection, Part 2

by brandt

Last week, I went off about Mike Holmes, and how he freaks me out.  He still does.  We saw an episode of “Holmes Inspection” last Sunday about termite infestation that made Ashley sick and grossed me out/fascinated me at the same time.  Kind of like 8-year old boys and earthworms.  Not much changes around the Malone household.After we got the approval for the sale price of the home plus closing costs from the bank, we were informed we needed to rush to get a home inspection.  I have no clue how you go about finding a home inspector and our agent had a few that had great recommendations, and we went with them.

I don’t think I was wrong to be a bit…nervous…about our home inspection.  While the house didn’t look bad, I think it’s the things that we couldn’t see that worried me.  Since I don’t have much experience with either inspectors or homes, I asked my father to come along to possibly point out things that either we overlooked in the house, or that we should pick up on from the inspector.  Since this was the first chance they would have to see inside the house (other than my lame phone pictures), I invited my mother as well.

The stage was set for disappointment.  My agent was out of town, so she had a real estate agent-friend let us in.  Then the inspector was running late.  Then I saw it.  My dad and I were walking around, observing, and when we went in the garage we saw a stained line running down the wall of the garage, starting at the corner.  “Oh no,” I said.

“Don’t worry about it, it might be nothing.”

“But it might be something!” I said, exasperatedly.

As the inspector got there, the spidey-senses were on high alert.  What was wrong with this house?  Something couldn’t be right, or they wouldn’t have given it to us.

Ashley and my mother walked the house, talking about layouts, paints, colors, etc.  My dad and I talked about manly things, like paint, and renovations, and tools.  As the inspector was going in and out, making notes, taking pictures, I tried not to get worked up.

Finally, he completed his inspection, and looked me right square in the eye, and said “Son, you’ve got a great house.”


I asked him about the stain in the garage, which looked like a leak.  He said the roof is only about 3-5 years old, and it looks like the leak was before the roof.  There were some minor repairs here and there, which, if we had to estimate it, came out to be about $100.00.  All in all, it was quite a pleasant experience, considering we’d been in some monster dumps.

There were some subtle things that I picked up on:

–          First, the guy was quite clean-cut, organized, and knew how to communicate.  I know, that’s biased and prejudiced, but when you’re going off a recommendation for someone who is going to come in and give an opinion for a big thing like a house, you want to trust them.  It’s like seeing a doctor smoking.  How can you trust your life with them if they’re blatantly going against everything modern science has taught about smoking?  First impressions are key, especially in a business like this.  He answered all of my questions, was very thorough (his home inspection report came out to be 43 pages), and very professional.  All tops in my book.

–          The inspector also was with a great company.  By the end of the night, not only did I have high quality digital images, but he emailed me the inspection report!  For someone who pours over stats and reports like its crack, this was AWESOME!

So should I have been freaking out?  No, probably not.  And I can now watch “Holmes Inspection” in peace and quiet, knowing that we don’t have termites, or asbestos, or exposed wires.  Once we actually get in, we’ll have a write-up of all the small things that the inspector listed to be completed.

Oh, and us closing on the house?  We’re looking at a closing date of NEXT THURSDAY, 04/07/2011.  See that?  That’s the tunnel.  And see that?  That’s the light.


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5 Comments to “Surviving a Home Inspection, Part 2”

  1. i saw that episode of Holmes Inspection too – so sad!

    • You know, I really do wonder if the Canadian standards of home inspections aren’t as stringent as American standards. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you’ll find morons in any job, and maybe it’s because all their shows are shot over there, but boy…that last episode about the termites PLUS the inspection, where they had to gut the ENTIRE basement? Something’s not right about that…

  2. holmes inspection freaks me out! congrats on a great report!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  3. Holmes Inspection is a show you shouldn’t be watching when you’re buying a home. It’s like watching a flight crash/ kidnapping movie when you’re about to leave for a vacation or a movie on a young father raising his baby daughter alone after the wife and mother passes away due to complications during the birth when you’re 9 months pregnant :o)

    Make sure your house is pest-free and keep up your termite bond!

  4. Glad you got a great report!

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