The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For…sort of

by Ashley

Warning: This blog post contains melodramatic statements and excessive, yet inadvertent amounts of  slashy/type/thingies//////////////////////////////////

After long, extensive months waiting, and Brandt blabbing about our tedious experience of buying a house, we finally got it. As part of the deal, I said that I would write as soon as we had the keys in hand. So now the moment has finally arrived. The post you have all been dying to read, wanting to know the answer to one of many important questions.

What colors will Ashley paint her house?

Well, after stealing excessive amounts of paint swatches and color pamphlets from Home Depot….I DON’T KNOW!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!! TOO MANY PRETTY COLORS!!! TOO MANY OPTIONS!!! CAN’T…HANDLE…THE PRESSURE…

Ok in all seriousness, I’m not sure what exact colors I’m going to use, but I do have an idea/design/scheme that I want to achieve throughout the main floor of the house. I have known what kind of theme/color scheme in a kitchen for about two years now. I want a Tuscan/Italian/Mediterranean style type kitchen. What is a Tuscan/Italian/Mediterranean style type kitchen? Well if you Google Tuscan Kitchen or any those other adjectives, you will get the idea. But the gist is warm, yellowy golds and rusty reds with Bronze and/or cast iron hardware.

It all started when I found out that Megan Fox (or some other ridiculously gorgeous starlet) had a tattoo that said “La Dolce Vita” which is Italian for “The Sweet Life” I fell in love with the phrase and because I have an unadulterated love for pasta, I thought a Tuscan/Italian/Mediterranean style type kitchen would be perfect. So that will be the theme of the kitchen.

Throughout the rest of the main floor, the colors will be warm and cozy yet fresh at the same time. It’s a tall order and I’m finding few colors that meet these requirements. One issue is that I need to see what some of these paint swatches look like in our house. Another thing about painting a house that I will be conscious about is the flow and congruency. I don’t want people to look at one room and feel like it doesn’t fit with the rest of the house. For now, to make the rooms harmonious, and more cost-effective, will be paint the walls on the main floor one color. (Possibly the upstairs hallway too.) However, I’m not afraid of color, and my lack of fear might get me into trouble one day. But isn’t half the fun is experimenting? I can’t live my life not knowing what it would like to have bold colors in my house! (I grew up with a lot of white.)

Well, I plan to keep the delicate balance between neutral and Alice in Wonderland colors through use of accent walls. The family room has a lovely fireplace, so I plan to make that my accent wall. The dining room will also have the same color. The colors will have a “book-end” effect because they are on polar sides of the house. Also, because I have excessive amounts of color swatches, I’m posting them up on our walls.

Though I do have a game plan for the main level—don’t get me started on the upstairs—I’m not sure what colors I’m going to pick. My biggest challenge will be trying to find a theme in the master bedroom.

Eastern influence? Country style? Earthy? Vintage chic?….AHHHH I CAN’T TAKE THIS!!!!…MUST…SIT…AND ROCK IN FETAL POSITION……

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8 Comments to “The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For…sort of”

  1. Yay – Ashley is writing now too!! The Sweet Life. I love it.

  2. It took us 1 week short of a yeat from the time we put in the offter toill our closing date. Yes, we survived and learned a lot, but dayum, why do the sellers/banks have to put us through all this shit!

    • Thankfully we didn’t have to hold out that long, but I’ll tell you what, it just about killed us waiting 4 months to close. I guess the bank doesn’t really want to drop the houses at such a cheap price, but still…you can’t go to a place like Walmart, find something on sale, and have them tell you “OK, if you want it at this amount, you’ll have to wait 4 months for us to get back to you to see if we approve it.”

      Totally agree with you!

  3. Hipphipphurray!

    Congratulations and welcome to the crazy world of home improvements. I can’t wait to see the first color you pick to paint your house :o)

  4. Congrats! Are you guys on Pinterest? If you want an invite, you can send me an email. So much inspiration on there. We are one week away from closing and I am now going crazy trying to decide whether we want to paint before we move, after, orange, neutrals, etc. 🙂

    • I’ll have to ask Ashley if she’s on Pinterest. She’s always looking for her inspiration, and is going nuts trying to find out how we want to do things. I’ll pass your info along to her.

      And try not to go crazy with closing, though it’ll probably drive you right close to the edge of sanity!

  5. We bought this when we started thinking about a new kitchen and dining addition. It really was a big help to narrow down our choices. THere’s nothing worse than feeling as if you know what you want but you can’t explain it or you haven’t seen a picture of it anywhere. This book has many photos of lots of different types of kitchens, not just one style or size. It isn’t arranged kitchen by kitchen, and there aren’t any floor plans. PHotos are shown part by part, cabinets, sinks, pantries, etc, so its handy to see all the sinks together. We have not started work on the kitchen yet but I can’t wait!!

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