Lessons Learned: Night One

by brandt

Just a very quick post for today, considering that sleep was a luxury that  I couldn’t afford last night:

– We spent the night last night.  Our first night.  Alone.  In our new house.  I guess I could equate it to the feeling you get on your wedding night.  Nervous.  Anxious.  Anticipation.  We were both kind of sitting there going “Well, OK, I guess we turn off the lights now?”  It’s one thing to spend the night at a hotel, or at a friend’s place.  But knowing that this room is OUR room, and it’s a big room, with just the 2 of us, and we will be sleeping in this room for YEARS on end?  Weird weird feeling.  I’m not alone in that feeling, right?

– We had many discussions, and felt that it would be kind of cruel to leave the cats at home while we slept at the new house, then went to work in the morning, leaving them at the apartment from about 8:00 PM until 5:00 PM the next day.  That being said, we didn’t want them running roughshod all over the new house, especially with us wanting to “retrain” them. Issues like not knowing where their kitty litter was, not knowing where their food was, them getting lost, etc.  were things that we were worried about.  We never really traveled with them, and the last time either of them were in the car, it was when Manny had his eye…”issue”… So after we finally dealt with the howls of displeasure at being in a car, we got them into the house, set up an empty room for them, and put their kitty litter, food, bed, cages, and scratch tower in one of the bedrooms.  Those little cats were going nuts.  “This is a new place!  I don’t like this!  What are these sounds!  What is this!  I don’t understand these smells!”

Well, call it heartless, but we left them in there overnight.  I’d read that cats don’t take stress very well, and moving is VERY stressful for them, and it’s even worse if you don’t introduce them to their new environment carefully.  So, this morning, I went through my normal morning routine and went in the bedroom where they were at.  Manny was still being skiddish, whereas Toby was rubbing every possible corner of that room to spread his scent.  Hopefully they’ll be a bit better when I get home tonight, when we introduce them to the rest of the house.

– Next, the issue of sleeping.  Let me give all of you advice.  If you’re trying to sporadically pack, and you’re exhausted, it’s LESS important to bring clean socks and MORE important to bring your pillow.  Because sleeping on a rolled up towel doesn’t cut it at all.

– This is officially the last time I’m going cheap and not getting a UHaul.  Big mistake.  When we lived in Idaho, we were A.) Newly married, B.) Only going 1 mile, and C.) Students, so we had a ton of time.  Now that we’re going on 4 years of marriage this summer, we’ve collected a ton of CRAP.  I mean, how the heck did we cram it into our apartment?!?  But Brandt, wanting to be the tightwad, said “Ahh, we’ve got friends who have trucks, plus the Rendezvous is pretty big, and it’s only 3 miles!”  Friends, never again.  It’s been almost a week, and we’re still moving stuff out.  We haven’t begun to unpack yet, just moving stuff.  I would have much rather bit the bullet, rented the UHaul, and got it all done in one fell swoop.  Never again.

– All that being said, we’re really excited.  I mean, really excited.  We took a break from moving stuff 2 nights ago, looked at each other, and had this conversation:

B: So this is really ours, huh?
A: Yup.
B: Does it feel like it yet?
A: No.
B: When do you think it will feel like it?
A: Probably when we get out of our old place, and officially unpacked. I don’t want to wait for that though, I want to paint.
B: It’s 10:45 at night, you can’t start talking like that. You’ll get me all hot and bothered.

(which is true, I do want to paint. Badly.)

Yes, it really hasn’t hit us yet. I think it’s daunting to look at the condition of the place (which isn’t bad, but needs a lot of elbow grease) and be intimidated. Heck, I’m overwhelmed just thinking about all the work that needs to be done just to get the deck in working order. But isn’t that the fun of it all? Now, we just got to get unpacked. And deal with those goofy cats.

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9 Comments to “Lessons Learned: Night One”

  1. I can’t believe you guys already moved in!! That’s so exciting! eeeeee!!!

  2. i dont really travel for work but the MR. works 24-hour shifts about twice a week so I don’t see him for about 2 days straight because I’m gone before he comes home from work.

    I actually do enjoy the evenings to myself and even though I miss him while he’s at work, I’m always happy when I get to spend time with him!

    • I think sometimes it’s nice to have that “alone” time to be able to just do your own thing. For example, I can watch hockey and not have Ashley complain that I’m flipping between 3 different games (it is playoff season, folks).

      That being said, the cats are NOT happy when we’re gone past our normal come-home times. They are very much creatures of habit, and they have their stupid little schedule. Oy. CATS. FELINES.

  3. Woot! You have us beat :o) We still haven’t slept in our house yet (soon, very soon!) *L* Oh, and it took me about 6 weeks of painting walls and trim for 2hrs every day until it finally hit me that this is -my- house and I don’t have to ask -anybody- for permission to do x (‘cept for the husband).

    Our cat will be the last thing to move, just like the last time we moved. We will then release her to her hidey hole underneath our bed with some dirty laundry (not kidding – as long as it smells like us she’s in heaven), her litter box and food/water nearby and allow her to come out when she’s ready. It took about 2 days the last time. Right now she’s rather intrigued by all the cardboard boxes in our rental and she keeps scent-marking the pile of flattened cardboard all the time :o)

  4. Congrats! I know it definitely takes time to adjust. And then one day it doesn’t feel so new anymore, but hopefully you still love it! 🙂

  5. Congrats on the move to YOUR own house!! It’ll start to feel more exciting/comfy & less mysterious/chaotic as time moves on…

    You pretty much summed up how it felt like for me when we moved from an apartment to our 1st home, and that was 6mos ago! 😉 In some ways, it still feels “new” to me, probably cuz it’s a new season… new noises, new smells, new critters coming out of the woodwork (spiders & once-dormant bugs)… LOL

    I had read the same about cats getting stressed from moving, & didn’t want ours marking their territory all over the new place… So we locked our cats up in 1 room of the house (the 2nd bathroom) until they could adjust. We figured the bathroom was the safest for them cuz they can’t use the ceramic tile walls as a scratching post, & if they had an accident or threw up, it was easy to clean it off the stone floor. We eventually let them roam out of the bathroom & onto the rest of that floor… then the main floor… But we still tuck them into the bathroom for their bedtime because they get so wild & noisy — now that they feel they’ve got so much more room to run amok, & then the dog joins in & ugh, I’m one crabby, sleepless chica who’s ready to turn the furballs into wall-mounts!

    Hopefully you’ll have fun in your new place & the kids will quickly get used to the sounds & what not. Once they realize it’s also their house, and it’s their own room, their yard, etc., they’ll be busy exploring so that you’ll have a better chance at getting unpacked! 😉 Good luck with that! I’ve still got stuff in boxes…

  6. Pics or it didn’t happen! 😉

    • I’ve got a bunch, I just gotta put them up. I’m hoping by today, but no later than this weekend. And just because I feel guilty, we’ve also got a video tour that Ashley did before we moved all our crap inside. STAY TUNED!!!!

      (how’s that for a cheesy teaser!!!)

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