A Photographic Diversion

by brandt

Here’s an excerpt from a conversation that Ashley and I had approximately 4-5 months ago.

Ashley: We should get some pictures, just you and I.

Brandt: Well, we got that nice tripod, and we got your camera, and you got Photoshop.  We can probably get it printed all nice and what not at Wal-Mart or something, and we’re good, right?

Ashley: No.  I want REAL pictures.  Do you realize we haven’t had pictures taken since we got married!  That was almost 4 yrs ago!

Brandt: So we can do it ourselves!

Ashley: We’re getting something a bit nicer.  I’ve already got clothes picked out for you.  Oh, and I need to go shopping.

Brandt: Great.

Ashley: Don’t you roll your eyes at me.  You get your geeky tech stuff, I get my pictures.

So that’s how we came to the decision that we needed some pictures done.  In all honesty, I’ve got to give my good wife credit.  It’s true, we haven’t had pictures done since we got married, and that was back in the summer of 2007.  I mean, random pictures you can throw on Facebook are one thing, but it is nice to have a professional who knows how to do poses and knows how to catch you when you’re at your best (oh, and knows how to Photoshop all your blemishes away).

One of my good friends from high school, Nena Metcalf, was coming back to Michigan to visit, and after seeing some of the awesome stuff that she had done previously, Ashley contacted her about a session out here.  This woman is a trooper.  Her and her husband Dave drove from Texas to Michigan in about 36 hrs.  That’s driving the ENTIRE WAY.  Almost no stops.  Oh, and they did it with 3 young kids.  TROOPERS.

Besides a normal whirlwind Sunday, we finally got out the door and made it to the sleepy old downtown where we would be doing our photographs.  I’m going to be completely honest.  I don’t do well with photographs.  Ashley, she’s extremely photogenic, has a great smile, and really knows how to “work” the camera.  I mean, if America’s Next Top Model wanted someone on their program to show those girls how to do a photo shoot, Ashley would be the perfect coach.

Me?  I think it’s because I’m a man.  What do you do if someone is taking your picture?  You smile.  Or, if you’re me, you give them the deadpan look, where you look at the camera straight on with zero inflection on your face, where you either have the look of a deer caught in headlights or the look of someone with TV static running through their brain.

I could continue to blab, but that just delays the inevitable.  The reason why you’ve continued to read this.  The pictures.


Big props to Nena Metcalf and her wonderful photography business.  If anyone in the Michigan or Texas area is looking for a great photographer, whether it be for weddings, senior pictures, baby pictures, family pictures, engagement pictures, whatever, get in touch with her.  Her website is located at http://www.nenametcalfphotography.com/.  You can email her at info@nenametcalfphotography.com for more details on pricing and photo shoots.

Now, onto the photos.

So remember how I said I wasn’t very good at this whole “photo shoot” thing?  I would smile, and Nena or Ashley would say “it’s looking a little cheesy Brandt,” and I’d have to fix the smile to make it look natural.  I told both Ashley and Nena “Don’t you guys have any jokes for me?”  Nena said “The only jokes I know are for like 5-yr olds,” to which Ashley quickly responded “Don’t worry, he’ll crack up at those.”  Well, we moved on, and Ashley finally busted out with a joke that she was mortified to say, but knew would crack me up.

What’s yellow and goes red at a touch of a button?

A duck in a blender.


Soooo…Ashley is so proud of the above picture.  This was her idea, and she really wanted to do it.  She was a bit worried how it would turn out though, considering she was basically stomping on my toes.  I like to consider this picture a victory for me, considering I had to suck up the pain and survive through this picture.  All in the name of love.

I love this little sleepy downtown.  Thankfully, nobody was on the roads, but all the older buildings they had here was just a flash to the past as far as Michigan goes.

So to wrap up, what are some things we’ve learned today?

  1. Nena Metcalf is Leonardo Da Vinci with a camera.  If she can make Ashley look like a goddess, and more importanlty, a goof like me look somewhat presentable, she can do wonders for you.  Again, her website is www.NenaMetcalfPhotography.com, where you can view all her different work.  If you’re interested in some more information (especially if you’re in the Texas/Michigan areas), contact her via email at info@nenametcalfphotography.com or on her Facebook fan site
  2. Ashley has a great smile
  3. Brandt is the epitome of awkward.
  4. Brandt has extremely strong toes (it comes with the territory of being a tough guy).

Have a good weekend everyone!


2 Comments to “A Photographic Diversion”

  1. I can beat you guys.
    Eric and I have NEVER had professional pictures done. We never did an engagement session, we didn’t hire a photographer at our wedding (which was planned in 3 weeks)…etc etc.
    We’ve scheduled a date though to get them done, and I’m hoping we’ll just do them. It’s honestly one of my FAVORITE things to see other people’s pics, and yours look uh-MAZE0-ing!

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