They’re Growing!!!!

by Ashley

There is beauty all around, you just have to look for the details.

As Brandt has said before in an earlier post, when we first got our house we didn’t couldn’t see much of the yard because of the snow. Now that spring is finally here, (I’m scared to say it because you never know in Michigan) we seen some things growing, or in some cases for us, things not growing at all.

Yesterday morning was GORGEOUS!!! And I took some time to take some of the pictures of the little flowers growing in our yard. I also wanted to try out my new DSLR, which I will make another post about later. So here are some pictures I took of the things growing in our yard.

Some blue flower, I’m don’t know the names of any of these plants to be honest. Perhaps I should get a plant book.

Blossom from a tree in our back yard

These flowers remind me of candy canes. I don’t know why.

Some pretty white flowers. I did some editing in Photoshop I’m thinking some of these might be printed and framed in our house.

Anyways. I’m enjoying some of the new plants spouting in our yard. However we have a ton of weeding and yard work to do. Happy Gardening to all the homeowners out there!


8 Comments to “They’re Growing!!!!”

  1. Beautiful! I had similar beautiful-flower-hopes when we moved in a year ago, but it didn’t pan out. We have some really ugly bushes with really ugly flowers. 😉

    • Thank you! Oh, we have some ugly (not to mention prickley) bushes and viney plants growning too close to the house. I took pictures of those, but I’m planning to do a before and after shots once we remove them. Another thing to add to our ever-growing list. I just need to find out what types of shrubs would go well with our house/environment.

  2. Hey take pics of the bushes you plan to remove because our house was also a shortsale and someone destroyed our landscaping during the 2 yrs it sat empty. We are working on ours now too. Maybe we could use your bushes 🙂 and save you some time by digging them up ourselves. We dont live too far apart.

    • Will do, the bushes are some kind of holly bush (I think) but if you want them you are more than welcome to take them. We also have some coniferous trees/bushes growing in front of our garage door lights that we are planning to remove. They aren’t terrible looking, just growing too close for comfort to our house.

  3. I would love to swing by and check them out when you are ready. May not like them either, but wouldnt hurt to look. And Hayley would love love love to see her old buddies Manny and Toby, all grown up 🙂 That striped one he really gave us a run for our money in those few weeks we fostered them lol what a stinker he was.

  4. The first is grape hyacinth… early spring bloomer. The second looks like a lilac bush, will be super fragrant in a week or so. Three, four and five are hyacinth, very, very fragrant, another early bloomer. Six, pansy….they come up for two years (I think), so you may or may not have them next year.

    Enjoy home ownership!!!!

  5. How pretty! Your yard is in full spring mode :o) Here in Florida we’re already beyond that …meh. I just pulled up the sugar snap peas; they were withering from the heat already.

    • Micha, for some reason I thought you guys were in Boston?? Whatever the case, you guys have been basking in the heat for a while. We’re pumped here in Michigan because we might finally hit 80 degrees in May, after being around 40 degrees in the beginning of the month. Wonderful Michigan weather, what are you gonna do?

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