Unexplained Questions

by brandt

This past weekend brought a lot of great opportunities to get some good solid work done on the house.  However, now that we finally reached decent weather, most of those opportunities were subsituted spending our time outside trying to get some color on our pasty-white legs and enjoying driving with the windows down.  Yet I developed an inner dialogue of many unanswered questions.  Here are just a few of them.

1. What is that loud vibrating humming sound that is coming from right above our living room?

2. Where did all these rolly pollies come from?

2a. Am I the only one that calls these guys rolly pollies (apparently the real name is “Armadillidiidae?

3. Michigan decided to introduce summer this weekend.  That’s really good.  But going from a high of 65 to a high of 90 over the course of 3 days.  Is that normal?  Is that healthy?

4. After we did all that work clearing out one side of the garage (which is going to continue to the other side tomorrow!), apparenlty fertilizing the ground there is important so we can get some nice planting done.  Thanks to all your answers to last week’s question about what to plant there!  I think I agree with a good majority of you that we could use some color and some lower-profile planting, including flowers.  So fertilizer, eh?

5. The lawn is coming, slowly but surely.  Remember way back when I could take a handfull of grass, pull, and it felt like a SHEET of grass would come up exposing the dirt and, disgustingly enough, the grubs?  Well, the GrubEX fertilizer did the job, because that grass is taking a nice solid root.  Now, we’ve got to figure out what to do about these blank patches of soil here.  Any clues?  Should we just drop some grass seed?

(And as a side note, this is a picture from when we first moved in.  It actually looks like we have a decent lawn now!  We just have that little patch that is circled as our “problem area.”  Everything else is looking much greener).

6. Is there anything comparable to the elation you feel as you get off work early to start the holiday weekend?  And conversely, is there anything comparable to the feeling you have  the night before you go back to work?

7. I know it’s a day late and a dollar short, but make sure you all thank your veterans.  They gave all they had so you can have all you have.  Shake their hand, tell them thank you, and see how much it means to them.  One of my very good friends is a combat veteran, and some of the stories that he’s told make me thankful that he served.  Could I make it through boot camp?  (probably not).

8. What is it about the start of the work week after a long holiday people drive like crazy?  I dealt with a crazy lady who stopped rush hour traffic because she was busy putting on her eye makeup, a guy inching his bumper out to cross 4 lanes of traffic, start-and-stop traffic that sped us up to 60 MPH, then down to 20, then up to 55, then down to 35, and finally, arriving at work.  I’m hoping the drive home won’t be as bad.  Being worried if you’ll make it to work in one piece?  That’s a normal day for us living in Southeast Michigan.


One Comment to “Unexplained Questions”

  1. Well, I do call them Roly Poly too :o) If you want to freak out people, I’ll be happy to supply the German word for them which is “Kellerassel” (literally: cellar assel – whatever an assel is)

    No clue about lawns here – and we’re not going to add a lawn, if I have my way. Too much work, especially in Florida climate.

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