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January 18, 2011

The Manny Chronicles

by brandt

Sometimes, having young animals can be extremely frustrating.  For our 2 kittens, we had some health issues to work through, then some behavior issues to work through, and I think we’re now at a point where both Ashley and I and the cats have a mutual understanding about what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t.  For example, chasing each other around and playing, even in the middle of the night while we’re trying to sleep is something we’ve conceded.  Chewing on electronics cords (like for our entertainment center, surround sound, or computers) isn’t acceptable.  Shedding all over our clothes is another compromise we made.  Fine, go ahead and shed.  But when I catch a kitty paws deep in our sink eating our leftover food, I’m not happy, and that’s not acceptable behavior.

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December 9, 2010

Code word is “Santa’s got a brand new bag”.

by Ashley

Now that the holiday season is in full swing here in the Great Lakes State, Brandt has finally OK’ed listening to Christmas music in the car when we run our errands.  I love Christmas songs because they really set the mood for the holidays.  Yet there are some Christmas songs that I absolutely hate.  Take the song “The Christmas Shoes.” Call me heartless, but if a kid walks up to the checkout stand with some gold shoes and asks you to spot him because his mom is going to die soon? I don’t think so. I have no qualms helping people in need, but I take issue if a kid goes to the store, begging for random articles of clothing instead of food or warm clothes.  Another song I don’t care for either is “Grown up Christmas List.” While the song does mean well, it’s cliché and musically is horribly overproduced and underdelivered.

While the songs are a great part about Christmas, eventually the question comes down the goods.  The gifts.  One thing I find interesting about this season is more people ask what do you want for the Christmas, not so much what you are giving. This is the season giving, and people have more control on what they give instead of what they get.

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December 2, 2010

Brandt’s Craziness and Other Issues

by brandt

Short version – I’m picky because I’m over analytical with life.

A few nights ago, one of my friends sent me about our housing situation.  During the ADD nature of our text conversations (between mutually agreeing that Detroit Lions suck, the University of Michigan needs to fire Rich Rodriguez, and Brock Lesnar will hold the UFC Heavyweight Title again), he asked an interesting question about our little situation with the houses.

“So…now what?”

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November 30, 2010

Home Runs and Heartbreak

by brandt

I received a very interesting email on Wednesday from my agent on Friday.  See, once we found out that we lost House #1 back in September, we were curiously interested for what it went for.  According to our agent, they could have offered more for the house than we did, they could have had a bigger down payment, they could have had a conventional loan vs. our FHA loan, they could have asked for less in concessions, or they might have had a longer credit history than 2 first-time home buyers.  Whatever the case, we looked at it as someone getting a house for more than we were willing to pay, and moved on with our lives.

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November 12, 2010

Wheelin’, Dealin’, and Stealin’

by brandt

It’s time for another Q&A Session with Uncle Brandt, where I type till my fingers are blistered trying to answer the deep soul-searching questions you all have sent in!  First, obligatory CAT PICTURE.  STORY TIME after the jump.

Thinking kitteh is….thinking of the answers to your questions.


After Ashley and I graduated college in Idaho, we moved out to Michigan.  The economy wasn’t the greatest, I didn’t want to be a farmer in Idaho, and Michigan is where I had the most networking contacts to find my first job out of college.  I was hired by a mortgage company, and my first job while I was there was to take the big packages of mortgage documents and be in a “quality control”-type role.  Basically, I sorted them, made sure all the forms were there, and passed the stack on to the next person.

From what I was told, the only way to learn mortgages, and the only way to learn the industry, is to be around it.  That was the extent of my first-day-on-the-job training.  And considering many people buy 2, maybe 3 houses through the course of their life, much of the details and paperwork are left to real estate agents and loan officers, with us the consumer taking their advice.

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November 10, 2010

And Now, For Something Completely Different

by brandt

Why yes, that is an homage to Monty Python.

I’ve lived in Michigan almost my entire life. Ashley has lived in Utah her entire life. And when we found out that our job searching expedition was taking us to Michigan (which I’ll probably write about at a later date), there was trepidation for both parties.

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