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November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Thankfulness #3 – Metaphors

by Ashley

For weeks Brandt has been pestering me to write on our blog. I had originally agreed to write posts once we got a house then I could write to my heart’s desire about painting cabinets and revamping a bathroom. Well the house thing currently doesn’t have much movement, and I think Brandt wants to prove to the World Wide Web that he does have a wife, not just some imaginary figure he daydreams about…or does he? Just kidding Brandt, you know I love you.

Brandt told me to write something that I’m thankful for, which is like telling me to look at my shoe closet and pick one pair to wear for the rest of my life. Ah the horror! While I don’t have a shoe collection like Stacey London, who has rumored to have more than 300 pairs of stilettos alone, I love my shoes. All kinds of shoes. From my designer stilettos to my discount-store ballet flats, to my Nike cross-trainers to my Dr. Martin boots, I’m an equal opportunity employer when it comes to footwear.

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November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Thankfulness #2 – Working

by brandt

I know, it’s another odd thing to be thankful for.  And of course, Uncle Brandt has another story to tell.  So gather ‘round the old rocking chair while I spin another yarn that according to Ashley is semi-true.

At one point, I had life all planned out.  We were both going to graduate, get jobs, make tons of cash, then Ashley would be pregnant and we could start our family.  We’d be living in Arizona, a place I’ve always wanted to live, and a place with sun all year round for Ashley to enjoy.  We would be close enough to her family to not break the bank if we wanted to visit, and would be in a place I knew my parents would want to visit.  I’d have my job in advertising or marketing with a big company with great perks, and we would enjoy ourselves sitting out until 10:00PM at the pool because it would still be warm, and everything would be perfect.

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