Who Are the Newbies?

I’m Brandt.  That’s my wife Ashley.  And this is our journey of homeownership, renovation, the mishaps/triumphs that are involved, and life in general.

We met each other attending college in Rexburg, Idaho back in 2006, and now are living the dream in Detroit, Michigan.

The prospect of homeownership came abruptly to me, and after looking over the numbers with Ashley, we decided to take the plunge.  As of January 2011, we officially have an offer in on a short sale house, and are waiting for the bank’s inspection.

As of right now, it’s just me, Ashley, our kittens Manny (El Manuel) and Toby (Tobias), and the two cardinals that we are foster parents to outside of our apartment.

This is our journey in renovation, sawdust, color schemes, and living out the American dream while trying not to look stupid doing it.


You can contact us by email @ NewHouseOnTheBlog[AT]Gmail[DOT]com, or on Twitter @NewHouseOTBlog


3 Comments to “Who Are the Newbies?”

  1. Ahh, went to Detroit’s Greektown last summer and got to ride the people mover too. Went to a great Greek bakery by the casino. There were SO MANY choices! Have you been there?

    • I haven’t been to Greektown yet, but both Greektown and Motor City Casino are on the lists. And you’re a brave woman to ride the people mover – it’s gotten better, but it used to be a magnet for scum. Even when I head downtown for a Red Wings game or something, I’ll pay the extra money to park in a safe garage rather than take the tram.

  2. hi guys – contrats on your first palce – big step – but a fun one – best le

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